Thursday, January 28, 2010


Hey Guys

Just a quick update, more IPv6 Stuff again. Woops it appears that Nat-PT which i just spent some time studying has been depreciated! Doh!

But basically guys, just so you know: The basic idea was to convert any IPv6 address to IPv4, and vice versa. The reason you might want to do this.. is a pretty damn strange scenario to be honest....

The best reason i could think of was this:

You have Ipv6 Only servers in your network that you want to make accessible out on the internet but your ISP doesn't support IPv6 yet, so you go ahead and make a NAT-PT traversal device so that people on the Ipv4 internet can talk to your IPv6 only network, or the other reason might be that one side of your network only supports Ipv4 and the other Ipv6

But frankly, such situations are going to be extremely rare: because lets face it. your going to use dual-stack machines for the foreseeable future (taht is, any of your Ipv6 hosts will haveIpv4 addresses.)

I can truly see NAT-PT being useful once we have almost finished cutting over, but its easy to see why the IETF have depreciated this RFC!

Thanks for reading

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