Sunday, January 10, 2010

Really quick post about SIP in CCM

Hey Guys, playing with the beta of CCM 8 at the moment. quite a few more options than i've seen so far! A new menu called "advanced features" kinda gives that away ;)

(One cool feature i've seen so far: when you go to create a phone, when selecting either SCCP or SIP you can also specify a BAT template for it so it will go and copy all the info from your BAT template. VERY VERY COOL)

But i super quickly wanted to talk about converting to SIP phones:

first off: Its relatively easy, but its important to note that a phone runs either SCCP or SIP image, and the first thing you need to do is get it to use a SIP image (by default SCCP is the default image) the easiest way to do this is with the phone migration tool which automatically changes the firmware on the phone. This can be found under BAT -> Phones -> Phone Migration

HOWEVER, it is very buggy, and it personally did not work for me. So based on this your second option is to go ahead and find the

"phone load information"

field on your phone and fill this in with the name of the SIP image which you can find by going
to Device - Device Settings - Device Defaults, so for example for a 7960 Phone the SIP image is:


Put that in the phone load info, reset the phone and it will go ahead and upgrade to SIP!

Once its there though, prepare to be underwhelmed, SIP on your phone doesn't give you any new features and actually changes a few behaviors, First of all the phone responds to key presses even if the CCM is down (you just get an error when you try to make a call or set a call-forward or something like that)

the other reallyyy weird behavior is the call-routing is done when all dialing is complete! So the digit matching is done when you click "dial" and not before, this kind of sucks when your used to digit-by-digit instant matching, because for example if you have a block pattern for 0011(international dialing here in australia) when people dial an int number on an SCCP phone they will get the block straight after they've hit 0011, where as in SIP they could dial there whole number before getting blocked. It just kind of rubbed me the wrong way.

You can also see the 3 digit identifiers used in the SIP messages on the phone screen itself. I found that very strange.

(please note: all this testing was conducted on a 7960 phone and thus the messages and dialing behavior may change from phone to phone.)

Hope you found this interesting! Cheers