Monday, March 15, 2010

Blocking a call based on incoming number for CCME

Hey Guys

Something you might find useful, is that you can block incoming calls based on the calling number on CME.

Here is how i would block 0894110000 from being able to send its fax-spam

first create a voice translation rule to match:

config#)voice translation-rule 1
cfg-translation-rule#)rule 1 reject /0894110000/

apply this to a voice translation profile

config#)voice translation-profile blockSpam
cfg-translation-profile#)translate calling 1

finally, place this on your incoming dial-peer NOT with the normal way of applying a translation profile but with a special command called call-block

config#)dial-peer voice pots 100
cfg-dial-peer#)call-block incoming translation-profile blockSpam
cfg-dial-peer#)call-block disconnect-cause incoming call-reject

I hope this helps someone out there, Once when I first started in the VOIP industry I inadvertently helped someone setup there router to send fax-spam. I guess this is my attempt at forgiveness and help you work your way around it!



  1. Two errors here, at least when doing this on a 2811 running (a very old) CME - Under dial-peer, I had to put the associating number BEFORE the protocol (i used "dial-peer voice 100 voip" instead of "dial-peer voice voip 100"). Secondly, I had to put "incoming" AFTER "translation-profile", not before it (i used "call-block translation-profile incoming blockSpam" instead of "call-block incoming translation-profile blockSpam"). It may be the version of CME I'm running, or it may be a voip vs. pots thing, I don't know. Regardless, this is how I got it to work. Great info, Peter!

  2. Also, you can test your changes by entering the command "test voice translation-rule 1 /5550005555/" - If it works, you should get a response of "/5550005555/ blocked on rule 1"