Thursday, April 8, 2010

Call Pickup Groups, Call Hunting

Hi Guys

As always just a quick update from things I am finding out as I do my CCIE Voice

Just before I start: If your going to go for a training vendor for your CCIE Voice, Don't make it internetworkexpert.

I used to have nothing but the utmost respect for InternetworkExpert, The CCIE Routing and switching coursework they produced was the best in the business. I passed my CCIE Routing and Switching lab thanks to them and my number is on there site, i won't ask them to take it down: They deserve some credit

However, the story sort of goes a bit dark when I ordered my CCIE Voice coursework from them, (or rather, preordered) to cut a VERY long story short, it took them over _3 YEARS_ to release it, and even as they did release it it was in dribs and drabs rather than the full thing, but to add insult to injury, the quality of their material is TERRIBLE. The CME Lab was LITTERED with bugs (if anyone wants to know exactly which bugs post a comment below and ill write another blog post about it, but for example, referring to a phone as BR1ph1 but then asking us to label the phone lines as BR2Ph2, asking in the requirements for conferencing to be limited to 4 parties but not mentioning it at all in the solution (so not showing how to do that, although i did know how))

Anyway, on to business.

So, after getting through their buggy lab. I came across a problem when configuring dynamic hunt groups for CME.

A dynamic hunt group is a hunt group that extensions can dynamically login to, it is setup like so:

ephone-hunt 1
pilot 3000
list 1000,*

You must also allow the ephone-dn to login and out

ephone-dn 10
number 2000
ephone-hunt login

In this example, the wildcard is a "slot" that can be joined by a huntgroup member, members can also logout using the "hlog" button (you can also change this to the DND button using a command under telephony-service)

now, pretty easy right? the thing is though, you would assume perhaps that to join the hunt group you can just press HLOG since thats what you also press to logout when your logged in right?

Wrong, if you do, the softkey will be greyed out and will say "that key is not active here"

So what you do need to do, is first of all enable Feature Access Codes (FAC) with:

fac standard

then on the phone, dial *3 so in our example you would dial

and you would join the hunt group

show ephone-hunt

will give you lots of useful information :)

Pickup Groups

Now onto pickup groups, very easy to configure, quite litreally:

ephone-dn 1

you can use any pickup group number you want, but be sure to keep them all the same length or you will have issues if the leading digits are not unique.

Once you have done this, here is how to use it:

when an incoming call comes into a group you are a member of, press the gpickup softkey, if there is no other pickup groups configured on the system, the call will appear on your phone.

If you have other groups on the system, press the * key to pick up your own local group.

you can also make it so that * picks up ANY ringing phone in a pickup group even if its not local

this can be done with:

ephone-dn 1
pickup-call any-group

you can also pickup a ringing extension by simply using the "pickup" key and entering the extension, this will work WITHOUT any pickup groups configured, it litreally just picks up a ringing extension.

Now some people do not like this behavior as it is not the same as CUCM. You can change teh behavior by disabling this service under telephony-service:

no service directed-pickup

When you turn this service off, the behavior of the pickup key is defaulted to picking up only your local pickup group, (i.e. calls ringing on an extension that is part of the same pickup group as you) if you use the gpickup, you must enter the group number.

I hope this stuff helps guys!



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