Monday, April 12, 2010

Every time...

Hey Guys,

So every time I think i have pretty much covered off a particular tech in Cisco completely, something comes and knocks me flat!

I had an issue where by my SIP handsets could not be called by my regular SCCP handsets on my CME. Removing all the configuration for my SIP provider resolved this issue. So I eventually chalked it up to being that you can't colocate SIP handsets and SIP provider trunks on the same CME.

But then I noticed that SIP presence messages where working just fine, and that the SIP phone could call the SCCP Phones, so why not the other way?

I looked in the config and noticed I had an outbound-proxy configured, when i removed this.. walla! I could make calls between my handsets SCCP to SIP and vice vera. But now my outbound SIP trunk did not work.

To resolve the SIP trunk issue I did some googling and found the outbound-proxy command in a command reference, I also found out that the global setting under voice register global can be changed on an individual dialpeer, I have shown this below:

dial-peer voice 192 voip
service session
destination-pattern 04........
voice-class sip outbound-proxy ipv4:
session protocol sipv2
session target sip-server
session transport udp
codec g711ulaw

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