Monday, August 30, 2010

Cisco Unity Assistant

I plan to update this part of the blog more tomorrow, but i super quickly wanted to note down my main findings about personal assistant:

- Personal assistant is a unity connection feature that allows users to specify quite granular transfer rules for calls that are sent to them, it can screen calls and do many other things before they arrive at the users phone

- unity assistant is slightly different, this allows users to control things like order of messages, playback of menu speed and quite a few other bits and pieces. You can also create things called "Contacts" that can be dialed from a voice menu.

But my issue was, how the hell do I enable a user to have access to voice-based menus?

The answer is you must enable it in the Class of service, then enable it under the user.

Go to Class of service -> "Allow access to advanced features" -> "Allow user to use voice recognition"

also to enable PCA while you are tick the boxes for this:

Then, under the user go to
(Tick this)

More details to come soon but I hope this helps someone out there!

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