Thursday, October 28, 2010

End of an era..

Hi Internet World that happens to read my blog :)

This might be the last blog post for a little while (about 6 weeks) as I have passed my CCIE Voice and will now be taking a little well earned break.

Thanks everyone for reading, I really hope you got something out of this blog. I loved getting emails from you and comments, lots of people said nice things about some of the articles i wrote, that some hints and tips where useful to them. I am extremely glad that I could be of help to you.

I hope this blog helped someone out there!

Peter Revill
CCIE #18371 (Routing and Switching, Voice)


  1. Congratulations Peter, I have been looking over to your blog since yesterday waiting to know your result.

    Great work. I have been following up this blog since quite a long time. Good to see you've made it.

    Mine is next week and hoping to give it a good shot.

    Congrates again and enjoy!.

  2. Thanks Munish! I really appreciate that and glad you have been following my blog, I wish you best of luck, where are you taking your exam?