Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cisco WAAS Express

Hi Guys, super quick update, nothign to do with voice :p

Cisco WAAS express,

Cisco WAAS is Cisco's WAN acceleration technology, I personally believe in it quite strongly. I have done a few deployments of it and it's always worked very well especially when the software is up to date.

With cisco WAAS you need a device that actually performs the acceleration of the traffic, normally this is in the form of an appliance (a dedicated peice of hardware) or an SRE that slots into the router, however with WAAS express you can now perform the WAAS functionality in software. It's very simple to enable and works quite well. You even have the ability to trial it.

here are the caveats around it.

Only supported on ISR G2

Only supported if you have a central manager (cisco WAAS appliance that manages all the devices)

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