Monday, May 7, 2012

Saw this and thought it was cool

I am NOT being paid to plug this product (anyone wanna send me a free sample ;)),

I saw the below:

It is a bluetooth based Serial Cable and thought it was pretty damn cool, has anyone used one and got an opinion on it? Review samples welcomed ;)


  1. I've been using this for quite some time. It's fantastic. Often works with you outside the wiring closet or the data centre. Just don't forget to bring it home with you! Left it hanging in too many data centres.

  2. Thanks Conor! It sure does look cool, and i am glad to hear it has the kind of range where you can use it outside of the DC, I can definetly see myself leaving it somewhere though for sure :p

  3. Just to clarify my data centres aren't huge. I bought the 4 inch antenna with it, too. You can interchange the antennae depending on your need (very easy to do). I can use it outside one of my data centres with about 20 metres between me and the device (includes a wall) but in my other data centre the walls are far better at blocking radio. Regardless, love this little device!