Saturday, July 13, 2013

CCIE DC: The F-Port-Channel-Trunk command

This command is a little deceiving, it shows as:

feature fport-channel-trunk 

which would make any rational person think it means any F mode ports, in a port channel, can have trunk enabled with this feature, but no, it ACTUALLY means trunking allowed for both F Ports _AND_ Port channels!:

 Here is the description of the feature:

Enable/Disable Trunking F Ports and channels


  1. I think that description is wrong and you, a rational person, were right from the very beginning.

    When doing an FC port-channel in an NPV environment, you need this command at the core FC switch (running NPIV), but not at the edge switch (in NPV mode). So, that rules out the conclusion that "feature fport-channel-trunk" is required for trunking in ANY port channel.