Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Full shout out to ucguerrilla for this (How to get a list of fast dials and speed dials using SQL)

Hi Guys!

First of all full props to ucguerrilla for what i am about to post, His website:

Is AWESOME for UC Engineers and has some great great stuff

Anyway he has two entries about extracting fast dials and speed dials from CUCM using sql queries that I found very useful, here is the sql query to extract fast dials:

select uid.userid,  fd.personalfastdialindex, fd.phonenumber as fastdialdest,        pab.firstname as AddressBookFirstName, pab.lastname as AddressBookLastName from personalphonebook as fd inner join enduser as uid on fd.fkenduser=uid.pkid      inner join typepersonalphonenumber as tppn on fd.tkpersonalphonenumber=tppn.enum      left outer join personaladdressbook as pab on fd.fkpersonaladdressbook=pab.pkid order by uid.userid, fd.personalfastdialindex

Here is his relevant blog posts: