Sunday, March 22, 2015

Cisco Mediasense (Cheap and cheerful Call recording)

Hi Guys!

Edit: I have found a great free enhancement for Cisco Mediasense that allows you to easily search and categorize records. I haven't personally checked it out yet but it looks interesting.

I recently had to install Cisco MediaSense to configure another feature, Cisco Mediasense from everything I can tell is essentially a fairly rudimentary call recording solution. Cisco talk a lot about it's open API, network-based etc. etc. but for me it's really just a great way to get cheap recording.

To deploy it, first all you need to do is obtain the ISO and install it as a virtual machine just like any other Voice application.

It is licensed per concurrent recording, from what I could say the price per user hovers between $20 to $40 bucks, so for an organization with a T1 and a small call center it's pretty cost effective, around $400 to $500 bucks (maybe a little more once maintenance is added) to record up to 24 sessions at a time.

There is another part number available for it:  MCP-10X-AUD-10PACK which includes 10 concurrent ports.

The configuration of media sense itself is extremely straightforward, when you first login to the mediasense server it will prompt you to configure a username/password for connectivity to AXL on CUCM.

Note: this SHOULD NOT and infact CANNOT be your usual admin user, resist the temptation to just slack off and use your admin account and instead create a new AXL user for this, they will also require CM administration privileges.

Once this is done MediaSense is essentially configured! Their is very little you can configure except for selecting which users can utilize the 'Search and play' functionality.

You do this by navigating to Administration - Mediasense API user Configuration

The fact that they call this section Mediasense API user, along with the very limited functionality available to the user makes Cisco's insistence that this is simply a device for COLLECTING the media, not for organizing/searching through it even more obvious.

The GUI that is available to search through recordings can be found on at the following URL:


You can login with the user you defined as a mediasense API user previously.

The GUI is pretty limited as you can see and you can see in terms of searching and organizing, but you can export the recordings, save them and even perform a live monitor by clicking on "Active Calls"

For CUCM configuration the first step is to configure a SIP trunk pointing to the IP address of the Mediasense server, this is straightforward so the steps for this are not outlined below.

Once this is done, you need to create a route pattern and point a number to this SIP trunk.

Finally, you need to define a call recording profile under:
Device -> Device Settings -> Call Recording Profile

 The settings for this are shown below, obviously replace 9998 with the number you configured previously and pointed to the SIP trunk

To configure a phone to use the call recording feature, you must first make sure the phone has a Built in Bridge enabled under the phone configuration, next, you must go to the phones line and select the call recording profile:

 For troubleshooting, I find it helpful to turn on the recording beeps so that you can tell the call is being recorded. This can be found back under the phone device configuration:

 So there you have it, cheap and cheerful call recording that might be all you need for certain situations.

I hope this helps someone out there!


  1. CUCM Plays the recording beeps even if the recording initalisation with MediaSense fails. So the beeps are no guarantee that the call is actually being recorded.

    1. Thanks for the heads up for our readers Gordon! Your right it will beep no matter what which sucks a bit,

      You can email me at :)

  2. PS - Your blogger contact email address doesn't work

  3. Call search GUI won't allow you to delete recordings, so you'll need to use the REST API to manually delete calls. Makes for a good exercise in REST API programming :-)

  4. Great to read this post on cisco being informative as well as useful.

  5. Thanks for this post. Can you elaborate on the AXL user - should it created as an Application User or an End User?

    1. It should be created as an application user.

  6. I am having issues getting my SIP trunk with CUCM to go online. Can anyone help to tell me what i may be missing. My SIP Trunk Status on CUCM says Local=2 which tells me it could be connectivity but i am able to ping between the MediaSense and CUCM and i am able to trace route just fine.

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  8. Hello Peter,
    Is there anyway that we can configure different search and play user accounts to monitor different call recording?
    Thanks and Best Regards

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