Monday, March 23, 2015

Great Explanation of the SIP Diversion header

Hi Guys!

Found this blog post on the SIP diversion header and had to share it, really good explanation of exactly when it's used, his reading of the RFC is most enlightening:
  • A change to the ultimate destination endpoint of a request. A change in the Request-URI of a request that was not caused by a routing decision. This is also sometimes called a deflection or redirection.
  • A diversion can occur when the “user” portion of the Request-URI is changed for a reason other than expansion or translation.
  • A diversion can occur when only the “host” portion of the Request-URI has changed if the change was due to a non-routing decision.

In other words, some sort of forward set on the users phone.


  1. Thanks for the shout-out!

    This is another important topic related to Diversion.

    1. No problem Andrew you deserve it! Thanks for the other great follow up too, I plan to do a SIP post where i go through the common things people change on SIP gateways like early offer etc, your diversion post really helped explain why people add a SIP profile to change the diversion header.

      I have added you to my blog roll I hope you do the same :) Can I ask out of curiosity how did you know that my site was linking to yours does Wordpress tell you?

      Kind Regards
      Peter Revill

    2. I see all the refers that my blog gets. Some I already know about (Avaya, No Jitter, AudioCodes, etc.), but every so often I see a new one that looks interesting. I appreciate the links and make an attempt to let the linkers know.

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