Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Virl 2.0: Bigger, Better and 100 percent More Cisco (Wait, just version, but with good enhancements)

VIRL has been around for a little while now, for those like me who bit the bullet and paid the $150 asking price it's a decent product BUT a lot of the functionality you could obtain in GNS with admittedly older hardware platforms.

The fundamental missing component for GNS has always been a lack of Catalyst Switch Support. GNS includes  something called "IOSl2"

For those with VIRL already bought and up and running, you can find in-place upgrade instructions here: http://community.dev-innovate.com/t/virl-system-update-available-v0-9-17-february-release-upgrade-instructions/2234

For those of you going to purchase VIRL, you can find the setup instructions and a link to purchase here: http://virl-dev-innovate.cisco.com

(Note: Installing VIRL is not hugely complicated but it's fairly time consuming, so set aside some time to get it up and running)

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