Monday, April 27, 2015

CCIE DC: Narrowing down server pool qualification

Time for some Server Pool Qualification-Inception!

So, you have made a server pool, and you assign a qualification against it etc, etc. All pretty normal right? Yep of course it is.

So next, you want to assign a service profile to a blade, during this process you can select a pool, one of the pools available is called "Default":

What you are doing HERE, is you can specify that not only does it have to be a member of a particular pool (as shown below) but it must also meet ANOTHER qualification, which is your seperate server pool qualification shown below


As the dialogue box even says itself "the selected qualification will be used to narrow down the set of eligble servers, it will NOT overwrite the pool policies associated with the pool

So there you have it, Pool Policy Inception

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