Sunday, June 13, 2010

This was shamelessly stolen for another blog guys, but its worth repeating


So far, UCCX has been running on "Cisco OS" 2000/2003, which in fact is Windows 2000/2003. However, UCCX will refuse to install if Cisco specific registry key is missing. Follow instructions on to add the registry key.

Good news is: VMWare is supported since Cisco OS 2003.1.4. If you're using OS 2003.1.4 or newer, you don't need the registry hack.

Another tips is: if you want to bypass the hard drive/memory requirement check, you may create an empty file named "crstest.ini" on C:\. Then CRS won't require 72G HDD/2G memory to install. Of course, this is for testing purpose."


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