Sunday, July 11, 2010

Lovin UCCX and helpful hints along the way

Hi Guys,

I am loving this UCCX stuff for my CCIE Voice, it's extremely enjoyable to go back to programming, even if it is procedural and very limited. I have wrote a little script that reads from a database, concatonates all the results from a database into a container prompt then spits it out. Very useful. NOT, but fun to write

To do it though I had to use an array, I had a heck of a lot of trouble getting the Array to work in UCCX. When I debugged the script (Which, by the way is done by selecting "Reactive script" on the UCCX editor under the debug menu and then selecting the script name) I got the following error

"invalid null array"

If you get that error message in UCCX, and your wondering why, you actually have to set all your array elements or at least create them before you can use them as per the following cisco support forum post I found:


1. Make an int variable called Q, make it an array

2. Set Q= new int[6]

3. Set Q[0]=1


I hope this helps someone out there!



  1. Hai pete how we can put the result of dbread into a container prompt and spit it out like we want to know our account balance by entering account the result of dbread is 2900 how we put this result into intelegent prompt and spit it out..? Iam stuck here please help..thanks