Monday, July 7, 2014

Hit this bug during a UCCX upgrade from 8.5 to 10.5

Basically you need to be sure when using JTAPI that your common device phone profile does not have IPv6 Addressing enabled, otherwise JTAPI will try and use IPv6 by default. This can cause error messages such as:

"Login failed due to a configuration error. Please ask your system administrator to associate your phone with the RM JTAPI Provider user ID according to the instructions in the administrators guide"

Another thing that can cause this issue is extension mobility, so if your sure your phone is associated to the user etc, check your common device profile for IPv6 addressing mode as well as checking for Extension mobility


  1. T H A N K Y O U!!!!! I was on the phone with TAC for hours on end to no avail. Read you post and made one profile change and all is well.

  2. what was the change you made as I am getting the same error message

  3. Have the same problem! Thx a lot!!! :)

    Never would have figured this one out.
    I changed my common Device Configuration Profile to "IPv4 Only" instead of the default "IPv4 and IPv6" Applied config to the phone and it worked immediately.
    Caution - if you have many phones latched to this profile as they will all reset when you apply config. Proly best to do after hours.

  5. Hi Peter,

    My phone using Extension Mobility in CUCM 10.5.I don't show any thing in Common Device Configuration.

    What should i do?

  6. Thank you !!! I was looking for a solution since 4 hours. I had almost the same error message: User ID not associate with RM JTAPIUser
    And your workaround works for me too.
    Have a good day ;)