Monday, July 7, 2014

Cisco Workflow for Cisco Agent Desktop (CAD) does not get copied during DRS restore or upgrade with UCCX

Hi Guys

as per the post title, Cisco Workflow information does not get copied across with a DRS restore or a UCCX Upgrade, totally crap so be careful when your doing a UCCX upgrade


  1. Any specific version to note on this? All versions? You'd think Cisco would want to fix that sort of thing...

  2. Sunday chnage window - working 9h already.
    Just went through Migration of UCCX 8.5 from HW to VM and I wish I saw your blog earlier.
    How do you solve this. Waiting on line with Cisco to talk to engineer. You are right totallly crap.
    And I talked to Cisco before this and they never warned me.
    Tahir Filipovic